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*According to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau data


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The best way to avoid paying overdraft fees

It’s simple. The best way to avoid overdraft fees is to sign up for an account that doesn’t have them. Unlike many traditional banks, we have no overdraft fee. Reason being we don’t think it’s really fair to let you overdraft your account and then charge you for it.

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No more hidden fees

Besides no overdraft fees, there’s also no minimum balance fees! Whether you have $1 or $1,000 in your account, we won’t charge you more. It’s your money after all, so keep as much or as little in your account as you’d like.
Majority Account

Compare fees for yourself

When it comes to hidden fees, MAJORITY has none.


Overdraft fee$0
Opening deposit$0
Minimum balance fee$0
Foreign transaction fee$0


Overdraft fee$34.00
Opening depositN/A
Minimum balance fee$12.00
Foreign transaction fee3%

Wells Fargo

Overdraft fee$35.00
Opening deposit$25.00
Minimum balance fee$10.00
Foreign transaction fee3%

Bank of America

Overdraft fee$35.00
Opening deposit$25.00
Minimum balance fee$12.00
Foreign transaction fee3%

Majority Account

Spend anywhere in the world fee-free

Money doesn’t know borders, so why should your card? No matter where you are in the world, you can use your MAJORITY Visa® Debit Card with no foreign transaction fees. Whether you’re using your card abroad or on international online shops, you won’t be charged an extra fee.

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