What connection preference should I use to place a call?

With MAJORITY, you can place a call using three different settings:

Phone Lines places a local call connected via access numbers. It connects your calls through your mobile operator as if they were local calls, so you will only be charged local rates through your mobile carrier.

Wi-Fi places the call via your internet connection, so you won’t be charged through your mobile operator. This option works best when you have a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Mobile Data (3G/4G) places the call via 3G or 4G. This option is perfect when you have an unlimited or cheap data plan.

By default, all three options are enabled and MAJORITY will automatically connect your calls using the best connection available.

💡Tip: If you are traveling outside the US and wish to call internationally, you can turn on travel mode to avoid any additional fees. Travel mode connects your calls using Wi-Fi only.

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