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I'm from Mexico🇲🇽 What documents do I need to open an account with MAJORITY?

You do not need an SSN to open an account, all you need is a valid government-issued photo ID. This ID can be issued by any federal or state government, and we accept IDs from countries including Mexico. Some examples of acceptable documents are:

  • US passport or drivers license

  • Mexican passport

  • Mexican drivers license

  • INE card

  • SENTRI card

  • Consular ID card

💡Tip: With MAJORITY, you get premium access to many additional services to Mexico, including:

  • Free unlimited calling

  • Free mobile top-ups (saldo) to any Telcel, Movistar, or AT&T phone number

  • Free remittance to 30+ institutions including Soriana, OXXO, and Banorte

  • Free Visa® card with discounts and cashback at Sam's Club, Burger King, Starbucks, and dozens of other businesses

  • And we're constantly adding new benefits. Go to your MAJORITY app to see them all!

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