MAJORITY debit card

Getting started

I see an unauthorized transaction in my account. How do I dispute it?

If you see an unauthorized transaction in your account, follow these steps to file a dispute:

  1. Check common merchants. Follow these links if your dispute is from one of these merchants:

  2. Cancel your card. We'll send you a new one for free. In your MAJORITY app, go to Account > Card & Account > Lock your card. After reporting it as lost/stolen, you can request a new card for free.

  3. Escalate the transaction. In your MAJORITY app, go to Account > Need help? to initiate a conversation. Select Issue with my Visa Card where you'll see the option to file a dispute. Our team will investigate and resolve the unauthorized charge as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that disputes take up to 45 days to resolve.

    Important: to file a dispute, you must cancel your card and request a new one.

If you need help filing a dispute, you can contact us by opening your MAJORITY app and going to Account > Need help?

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