MAJORITY debit card

Getting started

How do I lock my card?

You can lock your card at any time in your own app to prevent unauthorized use.

Locking your card prevents any physical purchases, online purchases, and ATM withdrawals until your card is unlocked.

To lock your card, in your MAJORITY app go to Account > Card & Account > Lock your card.

💡Tip: You can unlock your card yourself by tapping the Lock your card toggle again.

If you see unauthorized transaction in your account or you think your card has been compromised in any way, you can tap Block your card to permanently disable your card. Don't worry, your money is still safe and your MAJORITY membership will continue. Tap Let's do it and we will send your a new free personalized MAJORITY card that will arrive in 7-10 business days.

If you need help locking your card, you can contact us by opening your MAJORITY app and going to Account > Need help?

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