MAJORITY account

Getting started

How do I link my MAJORITY account with PayPal?

PayPal® is an easy way to make purchases online without sharing your MAJORITY card's details.

Follow these steps to link your MAJORITY account with PayPal:

  1. In your PayPal app, select your account type. If you're using PayPal for personal user, select Individual Account

  2. Create your login details and complete the registration process, making sure your personal details match the details in your MAJORITY account. Don't forget to verify your email address

  3. Link your MAJORITY card to your PayPal account. Enter your MAJORITY debit card details, along with your name and address as it appears in your MAJORITY account

If you need help setting up your PayPal account, please visit PayPal's Help Center or call their customer service line at 888-221-1161.

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