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How do I change my app passcode?

Your app passcode is different from your card PIN. App passcode is used to sign in to your MAJORITY account on your phone. Card PIN is used when purchasing with your Visa® card or withdrawing from an ATM.

Follow these steps to change your app passcode:

  1. Open the MAJORITY app and go to Account > Settings > Change passcode

  2. Enter your current 4-digit passcode, followed by your new passcode.

  3. Verify your new passcode by entering again

Follow these steps if you forget your app passcode:

  1. Open the MAJORITY app. Prior to entering your passcode, go to Forgot? on the bottom-left corner.

  2. Go to Yes, reset passcode. Enter the confirmation code you receive via SMS. You ca also choose to receive this code via email.

  3. Go to your email, look for the Reset your passcode email sent from MAJORITY and enter this passcode.

  4. Once your MAJORITY account reopens, create your new 4-digit app passcode and confirm it.

💡 Tip: enable Touch ID or Face ID to access your MAJORITY account faster.

If you need help changing your app passcode, you can call us at 855-553-3388.

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