MAJORITY account

Getting started

How do I add money to my account with a bank deposit or ACH transfer?

With MAJORITY, you can load money without any fees using an external bank account or ACH transfer. Follow these steps to add money to your MAJORITY account with an external bank account or ACH transfer:

  1. In your MAJORITY app, go to Wallet > Add money > Bank deposit > Add bank

  2. If you have already connected a bank account, select your bank account. If you have not connected a bank account, go to Add bank and complete the registration process

  3. Select the account you want to transfer money from, and tap Continue

  4. Select the amount you want to add to your account and tap Add money

  5. Once finished, you will receive the transfer in your MAJORITY account. The delivery time will be shown in your app before you confirm the transfer

💡Tip: External bank transfers and ACH transfers must be initiated from your MAJORITY app. We currently do not support external bank transfers initiated from another bank. Only direct deposits from an employer can be initiated from an external institution.

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