Money transfers

Getting started

How can I send money to other accounts in the US?

There are a few options available for sending money to other accounts in the US.

  1. MAJORITY Pay: You can conveniently send money to other MAJORITY members using MAJORITY Pay. It's instant, free, and simple to use. Whether you need to split a bill, send a gift, or pay a friend for coffee, you can do it directly within the MAJORITY app. To learn more about MAJORITY Pay, please click here.

  2. Third-Party Apps: You can also use popular third-party apps like Zelle®, CashApp®, or Venmo® to send money from your MAJORITY account to other banks. To get started, you'll need to link your MAJORITY account to these apps. For detailed instructions on how to link your account, please refer to the following articles:

Feel free to explore these options based on your preferences and needs for sending money to other accounts.

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