MAJORITY account

Getting started

How can I deposit cash to my account without fees?

Adding money with cash to you MAJORITY account is free only when using the barcode, and if the deposit is $300 or more. Adding money by swiping the card will incur a $3.95 fee.

Steps to add money with cash:

  1. Go to a cash deposit retailer near you.

  2. Open the MAJORITY app and choose “Add money”.

  3. Show the cashier the barcode on your app or your MAJORITY card.

  4. Give the cashier the amount of cash you’d like to deposit.

  5. Cash is instantly added to your account.

To find a location near you:

  1. Open the MAJORITY app and choose “Add Money”.

  2. Select “Cash deposit”.

  3. Tap “Show locations” if they’re not already on the screen.

  4. Use the map to find a retailer near you.

Tip: To avoid the $3.95 fee, be sure to use the barcode to add money with cash.

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