MAJORITY account

Getting started

How can I add money to my account with cash?

To add money with cash you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to a cash deposit retailer near you.

  2. Open the MAJORITY app and choose “Add money”.

  3. Show the cashier the barcode on your app or your MAJORITY card.

  4. Give the cashier the amount of cash you’d like to deposit.

  5. Cash is instantly added to your account .

To find a location near you:

  1. Open the MAJORITY app and choose “Add Money”.

  2. Select “Cash deposit”.

  3. Tap “Show locations” if they’re not already on the screen.

  4. Use the map to find a retailer near you

What do I say to the cashier?

At the store, tell the cashier you would like to deposit cash using a barcode in your MAJORITY app. If they’re not sure what to do, you can show them the instructions on the barcode screen.

After the cashier scans the barcode, give them the cash you’d like to deposit. The money will automatically be added to your MAJORITY balance. We recommend keeping a copy of your receipt from the cashier.

If you deposit more than $300, there is no deposit fee if you do it via the scan method.

Can I use my MAJORITY card to deposit cash?

Yes. You can use your card to deposit cash at select retailers. Check in your MAJORITY app under “Cash deposit” for a full list of eligible retailers.

You can make faster deposits at more locations by using your in-app barcode.

How long does it take for the cash to be added to my balance?

Cash deposits are generally added to your MAJORITY account within minutes.

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