MAJORITY Is Helping Build a Community
MAJORITY Is Helping Build a Community


MAJORITY Is Helping Build a Community

The first financial membership for modern migrants

We started in Houston, now we’re here to show the whole world that we’re about positive impact, not country of origin.

With MAJORITY, we’re changing the way we think about financial access across borders by putting the focus on the underbanked–the over 258 million migrants in the world who don’t have access to a bank account.

“A lot of migrants who come [to the United States], their mindset is to work hard, work, work, work work. And no one teaches them things about financial freedom,” said Nancy Mensah, a Houston local originally from Ghana.

We’re trying to change that by bringing the tools and resources migrants need to gain financial equality in their new home, wherever in the world that might be.

That’s why we’re putting the focus on community, because there’s nothing like family and friends coming together to support one another.

Welcome one, welcome all.

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