Willpower: María Gabriela's key to helping her family

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Willpower: María Gabriela's key to helping her family

Willpower: María Gabriela's key to helping her family

There are many successful stories of immigrants in the United States, which is why at MAJORITY, we continue to publish some of them during Hispanic Heritage Month. In this article, you will get to know a bit about María Gabriela, a woman who neither knows nor accepts the term 'give up.'

The Decision that Changed Everything

The year 2017 was a turning point for María Gabriela Duran, who decided to embark on one of the most important journeys of her life at that time. Challenges, achievements, and many emotions have been part of this incredible journey.

She came from Venezuela with a clear goal: to provide growth for her family. She arrived in Miami, United States, in search of better economic opportunities, pursuing the dream of giving her family the best. Her vision was always her driving force! However, the journey was filled with challenges.

Leaving it All Behind

It's no secret that migration is often an overwhelming process. "It's like they took away your skin, leaving everything behind," she says with nostalgia. Leaving her homeland and starting from scratch in a new place is an experience that only those who have lived it can understand.

Not only did she arrive in a new country with few acquaintances, but she also had to face the language barrier due to not speaking English. However, all of that would be temporary, as her life would take a very radical, but positive, turn!

Despite the challenges, she never gave up. Her determination, persistence, and perseverance led her to achieve success not only for herself but also for her husband and daughters, who are her greatest motivation and support.

The Destiny that Led to MAJORITY

Destiny led her to MAJORITY, a company that would give her much more than she imagined. 

María Gabriela recalls how she began her search for job opportunities from her home, not wanting to be separated from her loved ones. That's when she found an advertisement seeking personnel for recruiting people. This marked the beginning of a new chapter.

What impressed María Gabriela the most at MAJORITY was the sense of belonging. In a new country without family or friends, her colleagues became her new family. The team supported her, even though she didn't speak English or have experience in the United States.

This company, which she holds dear, not only provided her with a job but also the opportunity to learn and grow. The company helped her establish herself in a country that wasn't her own, prioritizing her education and providing the patience and willingness needed to learn English and other key aspects.

María Gabriela, as a Hispanic woman, has flourished at MAJORITY, a company that values diversity and offers exceptional career development. Although working from home is common today, she prefers going to the office, where she finds her second family and continues to learn from the cultural diversity within the company.

She enjoys working at this organization so much that she eagerly looks forward to her next Monday on Saturdays.

A Bright Future

María Gabriela is confident that MAJORITY will continue to grow exponentially and help immigrants achieve financial stability in the United States. The company has simplified the process of opening bank accounts through a mobile application, an important step for those arriving in the country.

For new immigrants, she advises them to learn how to open a checking account from the comfort of their homes. In an increasingly digital world, this is an efficient way to save time and energy.

There are many people like María Gabriela. This is an inspiring testimony of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Her journey from Venezuela to the United States, her determination, and her encounter with MAJORITY are examples that with persistence and support, everything is possible in the pursuit of a better life. Her advice is clear: prepare yourself for the opportunities that the digital world offers, and never underestimate the power of perseverance and community.