The Tolima Lechona that amazes Miami

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The Tolima Lechona that amazes Miami

The Tolima Lechona that amazes Miami

This Hispanic Heritage Month, at MAJORITY, we continue to celebrate stories of immigrants who have achieved great success here in the United States. In this article, the spotlight is on one of the most intriguing food trucks you'll come across.

Colombia in the House!

Sabor Colombia, the food truck in Miami that captures the essence of Colombian culture and, specifically, the flavors of Tolima. Ana Herrera, a proud Tolimense, has been living in Miami for 12 years and takes pride in sharing the cuisine of this region in the City of the Sun.

Her longing for traditional Tolima cuisine inspired her to embark on this venture. Interestingly, this journey began seven years ago as a virtual restaurant. Over time, more dishes, ingredients, and people joined this beautiful project.

Lechona for Everyone

The food is prepared using cherished family recipes, making this food truck a true taste of home.

Ana Herrera initially came to the United States to work for a Spanish-language television production magazine. She has always been proud of her roots and the growing Latinx community in the United States. However, she and her family longed for the flavors of their homeland. That's when the idea of the food truck was born!

They weren't entirely satisfied with Colombian cuisine in Miami; they felt something was missing. "Colombia is a vast country with diverse regional cuisines, but Tolimenses had no gastronomic representation in Miami," says Ana.

The menu offers a tempting variety of Colombian delights. You'll find empanaditas, tamales, and a host of other delicious offerings. However, it's "La Lechona" that truly steals the show. La Lechona is a dish that Colombians, especially Tolimenses, proudly identify with.

For Tolimenses, Ana Herrera's food truck serves the original Lechona Tolimense. For Colombians in Miami, there's a delightful twist with Lechona Tolimense served with rice. The best part? It's prepared just like it is at home, with a touch of family warmth.

A Delicious Legacy

This is a 100% family-run business, and the star of the show is the Lechona recipe from Ana Herrera's grandmother, who traveled all the way from Colombia to teach them how to make this exquisite dish in Miami.

Now you know, you have to come to Sabor Colombia and enjoy a culinary journey that brings the rich culture of Tolima and Colombia to Miami's bustling food scene. With dedication to authenticity and a family recipe that has stood the test of time, this food truck doesn't just serve food; it serves a taste of home and heritage. ¡Buen provecho!