Pay friends with Venmo and MAJORITY

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Pay friends with Venmo and MAJORITY

Pay friends with Venmo and MAJORITY

Splitting the bill just got easier

Great news! Did you know you can connect your MAJORITY account to Venmo?

Connect MAJORITY to your Venmo account

Follow these 6 simple steps to start sending money with your MAJORITY account through Venmo.

  1. Open your Venmo app
  2. Tap the "☰" icon at the top of the app
  3. Tap “Settings” and then “Payment Methods
  4. Tap “Add a bank or card...” and then select “Bank
  5. Select your preferred verification method
  6. Add your MAJORITY account credentials.

After you have connected your MAJORITY account, Venmo will send two microtransfers of less than $1 for you to confirm in the Venmo app. Once you’ve confirmed the amounts, Venmo will withdraw them from your account.

What is Venmo?

For those who don’t know what it is, Venmo is an app that allows you to pay other people who have Venmo.

So for example, if you’re out to dinner with friends, instead of splitting the bill, you can pay it, and your friends can send what they owe you through Venmo. 

In some cases, you can also make payments with the money in your Venmo account at approved merchants.

How to use Venmo

To use Venmo, you and anyone you are sending money to will need the Venmo app and an account.

After you have an account, the next step is to connect a bank account, debit card, or credit card so that you can send money. Follow the steps above to connect your MAJORITY account!

Once everything is connected, you can start sending and receiving payments. You can withdraw the money in your Venmo account and deposit it in your bank account which usually takes 1-3 business days.

 In most cases, this is free. However, there may be a small fee if you choose to get your money instantly or use a credit card to make a payment.

How to add money to Venmo

You do not need to add money to your Venmo account in order to send money. When you send money, Venmo will automatically withdraw the amount from your connected bank account and send it to the recipient’s Venmo account.

All you need to do is select the “Pay” button on the Venmo home screen. Enter the amount you’d like to send and to who you’d like to send it. Then press “Pay” again to start the transfer.

It’s super easy! You can also request money. Just in case one of your friends forgot to send their portion of the bill.

Looking for more money management tips? Check out the full MAJORITY membership and learn more about our products and how they can help you save on bank fees and much, much more.