MAJORITY experienced the "gozadera" at the Calle Ocho Festival

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MAJORITY experienced the "gozadera" at the Calle Ocho Festival

MAJORITY experienced the "gozadera" at the Calle Ocho Festival

Miami, a city pulsating with joy because of its atmosphere and its people, once again became the epicenter where the Calle Ocho Music Festival dazzled thousands.

MAJORITY, the preferred mobile bank for Latinos, was present to support the cultural unity of the Latino community and strengthen the commitment to providing the best financial experience for Hispanics immigrating to the United States.

Last Sunday, March 10, thousands of people enjoyed the largest Hispanic festival in the United States. This festival began with Cuban exiles in 1978 and now spans 15 blocks of Little Havana in the heart of Miami.

Packed with musical stages, international cuisine, tastings, and folk dances, the Calle Ocho Music Festival celebrated with its people the most striking customs of Latino families.

Gente de Zona, the Cuban duo, ignited the party and got their audience in Miami dancing! Many of the artists left unforgettable moments, entertaining the crowd with a wide range of genres, from merengue to reggaeton, bachata, salsa, and much more.

Oh, and the food! We can't forget the delicious food. Popular arepas, traditional empanadas, and tasty arroz con pollo were the protagonists that delighted the palates of the Latino community.

MAJORITY is proud once again to have been present at the Calle Ocho Festival, as supporting the Latino community will always be the #1 priority. Watch the full video here to relive the best moments

Our Mobile Banking will always offer the best financial experience to facilitate the arrival of Hispanics to this country and also help them connect with their family back home, thanks to services like international calls, cell phone top-ups, and more. At MAJORITY, we support each other!


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