MAJORITY celebrates December with a the Latin flavor!

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MAJORITY celebrates December with a the Latin flavor!

MAJORITY celebrates December with a the Latin flavor!

MAJORITY embraced the rich diversity of Hispanic culture this December in Miami! Three standout events demonstrated a commitment to preserving Latin identity and integrating it into the fabric of American culture. Join us on a cultural journey through Expo Nica, La Gritería, and Noche de Velitas.

Noche de Velitas y Gaitas, a light-filled gathering in Weston

In Weston Park, Colombians and Venezuelans also celebrate December festivities! Both communities come together for "Noche de Velitas" and to enjoy Venezuelan gaitas and verbenas. MAJORITY joins this celebration, recognizing the importance of keeping these traditions alive.

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Expo Nica, the space for Hispanic diversity

There was magic in the heart of Miami! The Expo Nica event, also known as the Feria de las Américas, celebrated the diversity of Hispanic culture. Established in 1991, this fair has been a showcase for the artistic talent of Latin American and Caribbean countries. It's a three-day event where visitors will enjoy an unparalleled multicultural experience!

Crafts, dances, and, above all, traditional food create a vibrant atmosphere that represents the diversity and human warmth characteristic of these lands. Over 15 countries from Latin America and the United States come together to share their customs through music, folk dances, and exquisite cuisine.

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Novena Navideña at the Colombian Consulate in Miami Florida

At the Consulate of Colombia in Miami, MAJORITY was part of the celebration of this event that brings loved ones together. The tradition of the coffee country also makes its presence in the City of the Sun in Florida. Dishes like natilla and buñuelos are favorites among Colombians during this December night.

The Novena is celebrated from December 16 to 24. This practice not only symbolizes the arrival of Christmas but also promotes wisdom, hope, and unity among families.

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La Gritería, where we celebrate Nicaraguan traditions

The City of Sweetwater is adorned with colors and joy for "La Gritería," another annual event that honors Nicaraguan festivities and its captivating culture. MAJORITY was present, demonstrating a commitment to strengthening cultural ties and facilitating the inclusion of these communities in the North American market.

La Gritería has become a welcoming tradition for the diverse communities of South Florida. Two thousand people gather in the streets to express the art, culture, folklore, and gastronomy of their countries of origin. Several local businesses take the opportunity to promote their products and services.

Oh, and giving is the main tradition, as generosity is what most fosters connection between communities.

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A commitment to the Hispanic community

These three events are acts of cultural preservation, connection, nostalgia, education, and expression. MAJORITY is committed to supporting and strengthening these celebrations, ensuring that future generations continue to feel the warmth and joy of their Hispanic roots.

By actively supporting and participating in events that celebrate these traditions, MAJORITY has become an ally committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Latin community in the United States. In doing so, it not only promotes quality options in the market but also builds cultural bridges that strengthen diversity and inclusion in American society. With MAJORITY, the Latin community not only celebrates the December holidays but also celebrates its identity, connection, and contribution to American culture.