Funny Ways to Wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day!

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Funny Ways to Wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day!

Funny Ways to Wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day!

It’s payback time for the Dad jokes!

What do you call a pony with a raspy voice? A little horse. If you spent your childhood years tortured by these types of jokes, rejoice! This Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your Dad a taste of his own medicine. 

If your father is into tough love, puns, and practical jokes, he will enjoy seeing one of these one-liners when he opens his Father Day’s card. You can also use them as an inspiration to come up with your own preferred way to tease the old guy.

  • Dad, this year I wanted to throw you a space-themed party, but I didn’t have time to planet. 
  • Dad, thanks for the sleepless nights, fixing everything I broke, and holding my head every time I threw up. You were my first college roommate. (inspired on Ray Romano’s material)
  • Dad, now that you are older, wiser, calmer, maybe it’s time to finally show you my real report card.
  • Dad, I know I’ve disappointed you so many times. This year’s gift will keep the tradition alive.
  • From my father I learned you should never lie… with 99 exceptions.
  • Being a good father won’t take you far. But at least it will get you to a nice nursing home. 
  • Thanks, Dad, for teaching me about the birds and the bees. You just forgot to mention it was going to be expensive as hell.
  • Thank you, Dad, for all those funny stories I specifically told you I didn’t want to hear for the 100th time. 
  • “You can tell what was the best year of your father’s life because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out.” – Jerry Seinfeld
  • Dad, you taught me how to live a stable, fruitful, healthy life. Look at me now. You are a terrible teacher. 

Above all, celebrate your father, make him feel special, and enjoy your time together, and while you’re at it, check out our budget Father’s Day ideas for more inspo.

Happy Father’s Day!


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