Dreams do come true in the United States

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Dreams do come true in the United States

Dreams do come true in the United States

This Hispanic Heritage Month, we have shared stories of immigrants who came to the United States and achieved great goals. This time, you'll love to learn how Alejandro García supported his family while helping others like him at MAJORITY.

New Opportunities

"To be an immigrant, you have to have ambition, courage, and clear goals for the future", says Alejandro. In a world full of challenges, his story stands as a true example of determination, bravery, and overcoming adversity.

Let us tell you a bit about his journey and how, from Colombia, he embarked on the journey to the United States with his family in search of a better future.

Throughout their journey, they found  MAJORITY, which  not only provided financial solutions, but also new paths for professional improvement.  

A Plan That Worked

In a moment of global uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alejandro and his family made a bold decision. They followed a plan with determination because they knew it would help them take crucial steps toward their dream.

It all began at their home in Colombia, where they organized themselves and sold their belongings to gather the necessary capital that would allow them to come to the United States.

MAJORITY, the Shortcut to Their Goal

Alejandro's wife discovered the company MAJORITY, which offers Mobile Banking that allows immigrants to open a checking account in the United States without needing a Social Security number, and she became a customer. Although she couldn't take advantage of a training opportunity, Alejandro tried the product and fell in love with it.

Alejandro mentions that there are three reasons why MAJORITY was the Solution. Firstly, working with them didn't require great English fluency. Secondly, this company would be his gateway to the corporate world. Lastly, it would allow him to help his community, as he is also an immigrant.

Alejandro took the initiative, knocked on MAJORITY's doors, and they responded in the best way, as this company not only provided him with an additional income but also allowed him to learn about cultures from other parts thanks to the more than 20 nationalities of the employees who work there. Currently, Alejandro leads nearly 10 teams!

In his mind, he always wondered how he would work as a professional in the United States since, in Colombia, he not only holds a degree in economics but also has two postgraduate degrees. However, destiny smiled upon him, and now he is a Sales Manager at MAJORITY.

The Path to Success

Alejandro García's journey is a reminder that, with determination and support, immigrants can overcome challenges and achieve their dreams in a new country. MAJORITY not only provided them with financial solutions but also a path to success. His story is an inspiration for all those seeking a better future in foreign lands.