Bring back Grandma’s seasoning at El Fogón

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Bring back Grandma’s seasoning at El Fogón

Bring back Grandma’s seasoning at El Fogón

While we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, MAJORITY takes the opportunity to share the unwavering spirit of immigrants in the United States through success stories that teach us about their culture and traditions. A prime example is El Fogón Restaurant. When you come to El Fogón, you travel back in time and relive the moments when your grandmother captivated you with the aroma of the food she prepared, and to which you never said no.

A Taste of Honduras in the Heart of Fort Lauderdale

Get ready, because you're about to encounter a glimpse of Honduran heritage and Latin American unity right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. With every dish they serve, they share a piece of their homeland and invite us to delight our taste buds with the flavors of their people.

Aldrin Coto, a MAJORITY ambassador, spoke with Yohana, who shared her enthusiasm and told us more about this incredible restaurant while celebrating Honduran Day.

"El fogón comes from observing the culinary culture of our grandmothers; we're always eager to capture that flavor, that seasoning, and here, imagine, it's in Florida, where people of all styles come," Yohana said.

Her warm smile and dedication to sharing the flavors of Hondurans with the world are emblematic of the passion that drives El Fogón.

A Culinary Journey Across Borders

While El Fogón proudly identifies as a Honduran restaurant, it also boasts a rich diversity of Latin American cuisine.

One of their most tempting dishes is the 'Pollo Chuco,' it's delicious. We recommend you reserve plenty of space in your stomach if you decide on this option—trust us!

You can also treat your palate to crispy Chicken Tacos and traditional Honduran Pastelitos. Both are delicious appetizers that offer a tasty experience of Honduran flavors to the world.

Oh, and we can't forget the 'Carne Asada Nica.' This one is from Nicaragua, not Honduras. "Due to the diversity in the Fort Lauderdale area, they prepare and adapt dishes from different countries," said one of the ladies who brought out these delicious plates, while smiling. Alongside these options, you'll find many others at El Fogón.

Remember to complement your meal with beverages like blackberry juice, horchata, or the popular, and at the same time, exotic passion fruit juice.

A Decade of History

The culinary journey of El Fogón began ten years ago at the Swap Shop, known as the Ft. Lauderdale Flea Market. Over time, evolution has turned it into a beloved restaurant.

Want to know the origin of its name? Keep reading; you'll love the story!

A Taste of Home

The essence of El Fogón's cuisine harks back to its founder's roots in Córdoba. Beautiful memories of cooking over a traditional hearth with her mother and grandmother inspired the restaurant's name and its culinary culture. Their taste of home captivates us all.

Celebrating Culture and Heritage

As we mentioned earlier, visiting El Fogón is like being a child again. Going there evokes memories of childhood, feeling that our grandmother is cooking her best dishes for us.

At the same time, this restaurant is also a celebration of culture, heritage, and roots.

Grandma Cooks for Everyone

El Fogón is a meeting place for people of all ages and backgrounds. Grandma dreams of bringing them all together!

No matter if you're from Central America, South America, Asia, or any other region, you'll always be welcomed with open arms. Just come to 3215 David Blvd.

MAJORITY always supports and celebrates Hispanics who have embarked on and succeeded in the United States during Hispanic Heritage Month. El Fogón Restaurant is one of these stories.

Now you know! If you want to enjoy incredible and exotic flavors of Honduran dishes, along with other culinary cultures from Latin America, you have to come! They'll be waiting for you with a smile that will brighten your day.